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Automotive Patents Forge New Ground

Automotive patents are most often held by car manufacturers and supply companies, and car component manufacturers and software providers. They cover different technological innovations and breakthroughs in the auto industry, which has recently experienced an increase in patent filings. Competition is also increasing for electric vehicles and hybrids are becoming more popular as an alternative to the gas engine. Automotive patents protect important creative and technological aspects of the auto industry.

Toyota currently has thousands of technological patents and is the leader in automotive patents, acquiring almost 20,000 active patents in technology. Ford and Hyundai are also industry leaders in technological innovation and improved safety features. In the past four years, the United States has fallen behind the rest of the world in patent applications, with Europe and Japan taking the lead.

Automotive Patent Trends

Consumer trends have been leaning towards a preference for technological innovations inside the car like heated seats, WiFi, AI features, and features driven by electronic, electro-magnetic, or magnetic signals. Patents for vehicle control systems are currently very popular and fuel cell technology breakthroughs are constantly surfacing in particular autonomous vehicles (AVs) and UAVs (unmanned autonomous vehicles or unmanned automated vehicles). New designs in integrated and ancillary vehicle systems are expected as well.

Competition for the electric car market is reaching new heights as it is becoming increasingly popular. Alternative energy resources, economics and environmental protection are primary reasons for the interest in electric cars. Creative ideas to make them better can certainly be expected in the near future. Developing electric car technological innovation is key in the race to establish it as a realistic alternative to the gas engine.

Emerging Auto Industry Patents

The auto industry in the United States has endured struggles in the past during the recession and more recently because of the pandemic, so naturally automotive patents have declined. As we recover from the past year, new auto industry patents are beginning to surface, especially in the area of fuel efficiency and vehicle navigation. As the economy improves and the world recovers from the pandemic, the auto industry will renew its commitment to innovation and we can look forward to an increase in automobile patents from the United States and the rest of the world.

Filing an Automobile Patent

The process of filing for an automobile patent is the same as for any other patent. Patents are generally held in the name of the company but will list individual inventors that contributed to the patentable concepts. The innovation must be original and have no similarity to any other feature to be considered. If the idea is to improve an already existing patented item, the test of originality still applies. Virtual IP Law can help with research and formal filing procedures to make sure that your automobile patent application is complete and approved as quickly as possible. Having legal representation is important for automobile corporations seeking a patent for a new idea (or an improvement to an existing idea) to improve the safety and efficiency of their vehicles.

Automotive Patent Application

Virtual IP Law will make sure that your automotive patent application is complete and satisfies all necessary requirements before submitting it to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) where applicable, Virtual IP Law may recommend a patentability search of a particular idea, concept or product. Having legal counsel available to check on the progress of your automotive patent application and to answer any questions gives you peace of mind and confidence. After your patent application is approved, Virtual IP Law will help you maintain the patent so there is no chance of losing it. You can trust Virtual IP Law to get you the automotive patent you need and make sure that you keep it.