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Video Game Patents - Protect Your Game

You know you need it, but don’t know where to find someone qualified. You’ve got big plans for your app or game and want the idea protected with patents before it’s too late.

We can handle all of your patent needs quickly and affordably; whether they be protective design patents, utility design patents, or provisional applications filed through our IP firm that is licensed to practice law in New Hampshire & may practice nationwide on behalf of clients who are US residents (USPTO.)

You Need a Video Game Patent

Creating a unique, abstract idea for a video game gives you a better chance at receiving a patent. But in order to secure a patent you have to understand the law. That is where a trusted Video Game Patent Attorney at Virtual IP Law come in.

Whether you are seeking a patent for an original game, new hardware or updated features, the first step is to do a patent search to identify any potential similarities to your video game. While preparing the patent application for a video game, build a realistic prototype for presentation and provide documentation with details like game rules and illustrations.

Video game patents can be challenging, depending on the subject matter and features of the game. There may be some hesitancy to approve a video game patent because of a content concern or a similarity to another game. It could be a trial and error process, with the patent seeker possibly making some adjustments. We review the most current legal protections that video game patents provide, because they are constantly changing as the industry continues to evolve. Patent law changes as well, that is where Virtual IP Law comes in.

After a recent period of successful patent protection cases, awards are now based on how valuable the product is within the product set. Since many video games are built using software and systems from the past, video game patent cases have resulted in lower financial awards. If a minor part of the game is infringed on, the award is adjusted accordingly.

With so many variables, it makes sense to have qualified legal help when trying to procure a video game patent based on modification of existing software, or to protect the rights of an original video game.

Virtual IP Law helps provide the protection needed for video game designers trying to secure a patent for their creative design. We also provide peace of mind knowing that if anyone infringes on your rights protected by the patent, Virtual IP Law will be there to support you and your investment.

There are many important legal matters for video game inventors to consider when seeking a video game patent. Freelance video game designers who operate without an agreement technically own their intellectual property anyway, but being incorporated legally protects you against any challenges. If you decide to hire freelancers, you will need legal advice for help with independent contractor agreements.

Virtual IP Law will help you trademark the name of your company and original video game. Every video game inventor needs to be equipped with a privacy policy and terms of service that legally protects you and all user data. Having an experienced and knowledgeable law firm working with you can make the video game patent process less stressful. If there are any obstacles attaining a patent, we will be there. The team at Virtual IP Law look forward to helping you get a video game patent that will protect you and your original idea.

Video game patents are different from other entertainment patents. You can copyright the idea and design concept of a video game like you can for a movie or book, but to protect the software engineering element a patent is needed. Video game patent applications have recently subsided reflecting the idea that game inventors aren’t interested in the long and costly process of applying for a patent. The issue of what defines an abstract idea and if that idea is even eligible for a patent is also a deterrent.

Without a video game patent, your idea can be duplicated with no legal recourse. That is why video game inventors who want to patent their video need the help of the experienced attorneys at Virtual IP Law who specialize in video game patent law.

Video game patent law is a constantly evolving situation and your legal team will keep you informed of any new video game patent legislation that might affect you. Responsible video game inventors realize how important their creative ideas are and why they need to be protected. Virtual IP Law is committed to making sure your video game patent application is processed as soon as possible and that your unique video game concept and mechanics will never be copied.

Video Game Patent Application

Virtual IP Law will make sure that your automotive patent application is complete and satisfies all necessary requirements before submitting it to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) where applicable, Virtual IP Law may recommend a patentability search of a particular idea, concept or product. Having legal counsel available to check on the progress of your automotive patent application and to answer any questions gives you peace of mind and confidence. After your patent application is approved, Virtual IP Law will help you maintain the patent so there is no chance of losing it. You can trust Virtual IP Law to get you the automotive patent you need and make sure that you keep it.