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We Bring a Whole New Meaning to "Virtual"

With the pandemic, came many changes to businesses and how they run, and Keri Sicard, of Virtual IP Law, made the most of the situation and forever changed her firm – for the better!

Keri Sicard had worked for a small law firm in Concord until the pandemic struck, and then she, like many, found herself wondering what was next? In the face of uncertainty, Keri took the reins and made a new future for herself. That’s when Virtual IP Law was created.

Virtual IP Law opens doors to things that many other law firms can’t do. Having a virtual company allowed Keri to hire attorneys, like Michelle Saquet Temple, who weren’t based in New Hampshire, in fact, Michelle was in New Zealand at the time! Keri has been able to select her attorneys from all over the Country and all work cohesively together – virtually! Keri Sicard has been able to fully embrace all the advantages of having a virtual firm and you can read more about what she has to say below!

2022 Union Leader Newspaper Article Clipping - Featuring Virtual IP Law